Distribution Center USA

6752 Melrose Ln Oklahoma City, OK 73127 USA

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At WTC, Inc., we know attention to detail counts. That’s why our mill’s Stitching Department is equipped with the newest and most updated machinery that produces long-lasting stitching on our high quality terry towels and fabrics. We value both our high-tech machines and the [expertise of the men behind these machines because working together, they consistently deliver a product of unparalleled quality.


Spinning and Yarn pick

We deal in variety of yarns:

• Zero Twist
• Pima Cotton
• Egyptian Cotton
• Organic
• Ring-spun
• Combed Cotton
• Bamboo Cotton
• Open-end

Weaving Expertise & Sovereignty

WTC, Inc.’s extensive manufacturing mill is equipped with the latest machinery including Power-looms, Shuttle-looms, Jacquard-looms, Air Jet-looms, and Water Jet-looms. Our team of competent and skilled professionals, including textile and mechanical engineers in our Yarn and Weaving division, works together to design quality products for our customers.


Dyeing & Bleaching

At WTC, Inc., we constantly endeavor to create new colors – from the softest pastel shades to the richest vibrant hues. Our dyeing techniques include pigment, reactive, vat, and continuous open-width Thromosol dyeing. Datacolor Match Pigment software guarantees accuracy of color, and shade variance is controlled with photo spectrometry. Our technical team carefully selects the most suitable dyestuffs and continuously monitors the dyeing process. We guarantee our products will meet your standards of high quality.


As an industry leader, WTC, Inc. is committed to maintaining the highest standards, from the first stage of production to the last stage of shipment. With the ability to ship from both U.S. distribution centers and from our mill in Pakistan directly, we will always ensure that you will receive your orders in a timely manner. Our supply chain management system allows us to meet our customers’ needs in the most streamlined, cost effective way possible.



In today’s highly competitive business environment, WTC, Inc. aims to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. That’s why our warehouse experts inspect every order to ensure accuracy and quality before it is carefully packaged and sent to its final destination.