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Since the 1970’s World Trading Company has been meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations by manufacturing and delivering products according to our customer’s specification at guaranteed low prices. Our consistent quality and on time delivery is our trademark, you can count on World Trading Company to provide the best blend of consistent quality, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing in today’s complex marketplace.

We believe in a very simple philosophy at WTC:   “We know your growth is our success - So If you grow, we grow – let’s grow together

Now in today’s highly competitive business environment, Direct Sourcing is the key to growth and success.  As an experienced manufacturer of textile products in Pakistan, we can supply your products to your door either directly from our mill in Pakistan, or from one of our distribution centers in the USA.  Either way, our customers enjoy the benefits of buying direct.

WTC Textiles is, at its core, a manufacturer of quality textile products for the Hospitality, Institutional, Healthcare, and Home Textiles market.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are always available and happy to assist you to grow.


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